Current Active HTTPS Proxies

Current active HTTPS PROXY top 10 list. A https cgi proxy is simply proxy software running over a secure SSL connection. CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface which is a web based site that allows users to access other websites through it. You will find the best and most popular secure proxies in the list below. If I you have a https proxy suggestion please leave it in the comments below.

With all of the secure proxies being shut down I highly recommend HMA’s Secure VPN Service as it is cheap and always reliable. A secure VPN allows your entire computer’s internet connection to become anonymous so no more typing web addresses into advertisement filled proxy sites.

HTTPS Proxy List Updated May 1, 2017

  1. https://proxify.org/
  2. https://proxify.us/
  3. https://proxify.com/
  4. https://proxify.co.uk/
  5. https://www.hidemyass.com/
  6. https://proxymad.com/
  7. https://zacebook.com/


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  1. I ended up just getting HMA’s secure VPN instead. I agree that secure web based proxies are becoming way to scarce now.

  2. I want to to know how bring and driving to proxy in mobile phone?